Welcome to HerdRock

HerdRock is located in Winfield, TN on the scenic Cumberland Plateau.

We offer healthy show quality Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats that are registered with ADGA and in some cases AGS and NDGA.


Our emphasis is on producing friendly, playful goats that in addition to producing quality milk are able to freshen and raise their kids without human micromanagement. Nigerian Dwarfs produce large amounts of milk for their size which is high in butterfat and sweet to taste making it perfect for making cheeses, butter, yogurt and ice cream.  Goat milk is also a favorite ingredient for soap makers wishing to make a product that is very gentle on the skin.

The herd is tested for CAE, Johnes and Brucellosis (Latest test 12/11/17).  We also participate in the American Dairy Goat Association genetic improvement programs which include linear appraisals (LA) and milk testing (DHIA - Dairy Herd Improvement).

At this time we have a limited number of junior does and wethers available.  The wethers make particularly good pets and weed eaters.  If you are looking for a mature doe we may have a select number available for sale after August 2018.

For more information contact Terry Burns at piaffe@highland.net