Doe – Buck (Approximate Due Date)

Buttin’Heads Laguna 3*M – Dill’s B&R Beer Money *B (freshened 2/8/21 with3 does)

SG Artesian Valley F Rockin Robin 3*M – Herdrock BM Pants On Fire (freshened 1/18/21 with 3 does)

Herdrock E Sherry 2*M – Dill’s TS Hoedown *B ( Freshened 1/20/21 with buck/doe twins)

Buttin’Heads Coastal Tide 4*M – Herdrock BM Pants On Fire (freshened 1/21/21 with 2 bucks, 1 doe)

Herdrock E Chantilly Lace 6*M – Herdrock BM Pants On Fire (freshened 1/21/21 2 bucks, 2 does)

Herdrock BM Sweet Talkin Woman – Dill’s TS Hoedown *B (freshened 1/22/21 with1 buck,2 does)

Herdrock BM Little Town Flirt – Dill’s TS Hoedown *B (freshened 03/02/21 with a single doeling)

Herdrock BM Kiss This – Alethia SB Sugar Daddy (4/15/21)

No deposit is required to reserve kids prior to birth.  Simply let me know which breeding(s) interest you and once I know there will be something available from that kidding, you will be contacted.  Once I know I have the goat that meets your needs, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the kid until pick-up/shipping arrangements can be finalized.

Please read our complete sales policy and contact Terry at for any further questions or to make a reservation.