Clubs & Associations

    American Dairy Goat Association :: The American Dairy Goat Association was organized in 1904 to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of dairy goats and to provide genetic, management and related services to dairy goat breeders.

    Smoky Mountain Dairy Goat Association :: The purpose of this association is to promote goats in general and dairy goats in particular. We strive for improvement both in the genetic quality and care of our animals.

    Nigerian Dairy Goat Association :: The official web site of the Nigerian Dairy Goat Association

    American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association :: ANDDA serves the needs of both those who have a serious interest in the milking potential of Nigerian Dwarf goats, those who would like to learn more about dairy conformation and dairy character in this breed, and/or who simply appreciate the beauty, elegance and reproductive soundness of a dairy-proportioned Nigerian Dwarf goat.

    American Goat Society :: Official site of the American Goat Society

Goat Information, care and husbandry

    Fiasco Farm

    Onion Creek Ranch :: Loads of valuable information. Not just for meat goats.

Cheesemaking and Homesteading Supplies

    Homesteaders Supply :: A great place to find quality homesteading supplies. This is where I buy most of my cheese and yogurt making cultures and equipment.

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