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Sales Policy
No deposit is required to be placed on the waiting list for kids prior to birth.  Simply let me know which breeding(s) interest you and once I know there will be something available from that kidding, you will be contacted.  Once I know I have the goat that meets your needs, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the kid until pick-up/shipping arrangements can be finalized.  Unless specific arrangements are made otherwise, all sales are expected to be completed with the goat picked up/shipped within 4 weeks of receiving the deposit (or once kid has reached 8 weeks of age) for a dam raised kid, or by 2 weeks of age for bottle babies, or a $5/day boarding fee will be charged.

Prices quoted are for animals picked up at our farm and paid for by Cash, PayPal or Credit
Cards (through PayPal). If PayPal is used, add 3% to the purchase for the PayPal Fees.
Please call us before a PayPal payment is made.

Any and all costs associated with shipping or transportation, including any health certificates and related testing, are the responsibility of the buyer. All goats are sold as healthy at the time they leave the farm and no other guarantees to the future health or quality of the animal is guaranteed. I subscribe to the Recommended Trade Practices for ADGA Members.  A buyer is welcome to pay for any additional health testing that they wish to have completed as a condition of sale.
Deposits are refunded should an animal not receive the desired results.

We reserve the right to retain any goat at any time.
At the time of pick-up, the remaining balance must be paid in CASH.

Goats are herd animals and very social. A single goat does not do well. Therefore, if you do not currently own goats, we will only sell a goat if you also purchase a companion goat.

Dam raised kids (sold at 8 weeks) will be given  their first CD/T vaccination and will be tattooed and disbudded (dehorned).
We reserve the right to change any breeding plan at any time.
We may terminate any sale at anytime per our discretion with a full refund of purchase price.
After pickup, the goat becomes your responsibility. (So make sure you’re prepared!)
*Health of the animal sold is not guaranteed after it leaves our property. It then becomes the buyer’s responsibility.  REPLACEMENTS will be made, when medical proof is given,  in the instance that a genetic problem is found. The replacement will come in the form of another kid either from that year or the next year’s kidding season.  Examples of genetic problems are, but not limited to, extra teats or sterility.  There is no monetary refund for this. Height of your animal is not guaranteed.
If an animal is posted as being “Exposed” to a buck we do not guarantee that animal is pregnant. “Exposed” simply means that animal has been in with a buck for a period of time and should be pregnant. It does not guarantee pregnancy or the #’s of bucks or does. There will be no refund of money under any circumstance for a doe that aborts or if the kids pass away.

Occasionally we have adult stock for sale, email for current information.

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